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The Best Toilet Leak Detector For Property Owners

A toilet leak detector can be valuable for finding and fixing toilet leaks. By using this tool, property managers can monitor toilets on their properties and take swift action to prevent issues like wasted water and property damage.

As a property owner, you should choose the right toilet leak detector that can help you save both water and money in the long run.

In this article, we'll answer these important questions: How does a leak detector deal with a leaking toilet, and what's the best toilet leak detector for property owners?

What Is a Toilet Leak Detector and How Does It Work?

A toilet leak detector is a device designed to detect uncontrolled water flow in the toilet.When a leak is present, many toilets quietly lose gallons over time, which can result in water loss and high utility bills. A leak simply means that the toilet is running even when the toilet is not being flushed, not necessarily that water is pouring out on the floor.

These devices use advanced sensors and monitoring technology to continuously track the toilet's water usage and flow patterns, allowing them to identify any abnormalities that may indicate a leak.

Of course, there are many toilet leak detectors available on the market. But what is the best option for property owners looking for a toilet leak detector that is worth investing in?

DrizzleX: Affordable and Quality Toilet Micrometers for Property Owners

DrizzleX offers a solution specially designed for multifamily property owners who wish to get ahead of toilet leak problems. Our micrometers closely monitor water usage and quickly alert you to flag any leaks in real-time. 

DrizzleX micrometers aren’t just for toilets. They can be installed on every fixture in an apartment unit, which enables you to submeter every unit and bill tenants for their actual usage, and find any other type of leaks.

This is a sample case study from one of our clients who decided to install DrizzleX micrometers in every toilet:

drizzlex case study

Water and Financial Savings

The data above shows a substantial reduction of 68% in the overall building’s water usage after the installation of DrizzleX micrometers. The daily gallons saved are also displayed.

On average, by installing DrizzleX micrometers on all toilets, the building saved 2,063 gallons of water daily, which amounts to 753,153 gallons (1,008 HCF) saved over a year.

And this resulted in yearly water bill savings of $13,794 (based on a water and sewer rate of $13.50 per HCF).

Monthly Water Usage Comparison

  • Before Installation: The monthly water usage varied, with peak usage typically in the warmer months (e.g., July 2022: 3,776 gallons/day on average).

  • After Installation: There is a noticeable drop in daily water usage across all compared months. For example, July 2023 average daily usage was 1,033 gallons per day, down from from 3,776 gallons per day in July 2022.

Average Daily Gallons Per Unit

  • 2022 (Pre-installation): Each unit used about 255 gallons per day on average.

  • 2023 (Post-installation): Each unit used about 83 gallons on average.

DrizzleX Features

Here are some of the notable features:

IoT-Based Technology for Accurate and Timely Data

DrizzleX’s submetering system uses advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology, which involves micrometers installed on every water fixture in each apartment.

Integration with the DrizzleX Dashboard for Centralized Monitoring

The micrometers seamlessly integrate with the DrizzleX dashboard, a user-friendly platform that allows users to track and manage their water usage data from a single, convenient location.

Battery Life Up To 10 Years

The DrizzleX micrometers are designed with long-lasting battery life in mind, thanks to patent-pending power management technology.

This ensures that the devices can continue to operate reliably for up to a decade, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. 

How Do DrizzleX's Micrometers Work?

Here's a detailed breakdown of how our system works:

Installation of the Device

Each micrometer is installed directly on each water fixture. Installation is simple and does not require plumbing modifications, such as pipe cutting.

Detection and Measurement

The device monitors the water flow into the toilet and is capable of detecting even small discrepancies in water flow that could indicate leaks. 

The common types of leaks detected include:

  • Flapper Leaks: Where water seeps from the toilet tank into the bowl because the flapper does not close properly or form a tight seal.

  • Fill Valve Leaks: Occurring when the fill valve fails to shut off properly, causing continuous water flow into the tank.

Data Transmission

Once installed, the device continuously monitors water flow. If irregularities or continuous flow are detected beyond normal use patterns, the device sends this data to the DrizzleX cloud gateway using a dedicated frequency.

This data transmission is facilitated by IoT technology, which allows for real-time data updates and connectivity across multiple devices.

Real-Time Alerts and Dashboard Monitoring

The data collected by each detector is sent to the centralized DrizzleX cloud platform. Property owners or managers can access this data through the DrizzleX dashboard, which provides a comprehensive view of water usage and alerts across all installed devices.

If a leak is detected, the system generates an instant alert, typically through email notifications. This prompt notification allows for immediate action to address the leak, thus preventing extensive water waste and potential damage.

Battery and Maintenance

The devices are designed with longevity and minimal maintenance in mind. Thanks to DrizzleX's patent-pending technology, the batteries in these micrometers can last up to 10 years. The micrometers typically require no maintenance at all.

The cloud gateway that collects and sends data to the dashboard requires a power source but is otherwise low-maintenance and can be installed almost anywhere on the property, indoors or outdoors.

Analysis and Water Management

Through the dashboard, users can check and track water usage patterns and detect abnormal trends. When they notice something unusual, they can easily find leaks within their property or units.

DrizzleX detects leaks, manages water usage more effectively, promotes water conservation, reduces utility costs, and avoids property damage.

How DrizzleX Can Help You

DrizzleX allows you to detect hidden leaks, such as running toilets and leaky faucets, to stop millions of gallons of waste each year. It also alerts you to excessive water overuse by tenants.

Typically, buildings that use DrizzleX reduce their water bills by 25-45% or more. And you can expect a pretty quick return on investment (ROI). Buildings with DrizzleX save enough water to cover the entire cost of DrizzleX within about 9 months on average.

drizzlex home page

Usage Reports

One of DrizzleX's solutions is the "Tenant's Overuse" report. Since many people aren't really aware of their excessive water usage, an accurate report can be very helpful in preventing unnecessary expenses. Using the reports, you can communicate with your tenants about their water consumption habits and back them up with precise data.

Leak Detection

Leaks can be sneaky because they aren't always visible. With property inspection, you can see the obvious ones. But, silent leaks will only show up on your utility bills. DrizzleX gives you water control because you can monitor the water flow in your building. The system will notify you about where and how much water is being lost.

E-mail Notifications

Once DrizzleX spots the leak, it will notify you via email. The message you receive will include all the details about the exact apartment and fixture that is the culprit, how many gallons were used, how much it will cost you if the problem isn't fixed, and even possible causes for the water waste and how to fix it.


DrizzleX also allows you to bill your tenants. Tenants conserve water when they are the ones paying for it. You can easily create water bills based on accurate water consumption and bill them fairly.

FAQs About Toilet Leak Detector

How can a toilet leak detector help manage water pressure?

A toilet leak detector monitors water pressure to identify fluctuations that might indicate a leak, helping to prevent potential water waste and damage.

What is the role of dye tablets in detecting toilet leaks?

Dye tablets are used to detect toilet leaks by coloring the water in the tank; if the color appears in the bowl without flushing, this indicates a leak.

How can I test for a silent toilet leak without special equipment?

Place two tablespoons of food coloring in the toilet tank. After a minute turns (or you can wait until 15 minutes), and the color appears in the bowl, it signifies a leak.



Take control of your water usage and save money with our submetering system.

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