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Water Management System For Multi-Family Buildings

Most DrizzleX customers save 20-40% or more on building water bills

Installs in minutes, no plumber needed

Live alerts and reports

Powerful landlord dashboard

Stop leaks and overuse.

Increase NOI

DrizzleX Water Micrometer

Stay on Top of Leaks

Our IoT-based technology detects and reports leaks in real-time

Change Tenants' Habits 

DrizzleX can help you get your tenants to reduce water use by about 15%

Bill Tenants for Actual Water Use

DrizzleX can replace your current third-party water billing service and let you bill your tenants for their actual water use

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Cloud Billing
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Many buildings can’t be submetered 

In many buildings, there is no water main to each unit. Instead, water enters the unit from multiple “plumbing risers” making it impossible to submeter. Until now.

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What do our customers say?

Steve Fleischmann / MMC Management

"The overall usage of water at the property has decreased significantly and the costs of diagnosis to determine the appropriate plumbing repairs have been minimized. This has translated into significantly reduced operating costs"

Nati Skolnik / TNS Management

"I can honestly say your product works!!

I continue to install and will continue to install your devices in as many properties as we can"


Mike Ebrahimi / EBCO Properties and Management


"...Greatest technology developed,
which is good for property owners, and the earth..."


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Discover the future of water management in multifamily buildings! Revolutionize your property's water usage?

Book a demo now to experience firsthand how our innovative submetering technology empowers you to monitor and manage water consumption efficiently.


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