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Partnership Opportunities
With DrizzleX

We partner with insurance companies, builders, corporations, installers, sustainability consultants, and cities seeking to optimize water usage and enhance sustainability practices.  DrizzleX offers cutting-edge water submetering solutions powered by innovative IoT technology. Our advanced systems provide real-time data on water usage, enabling proactive leak detection and efficient water management.


Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can significantly reduce the risk of water damage claims by partnering with DrizzleX. Our submetering technology helps identify leaks in real time, minimizing potential losses and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Corporate Partners

Companies seeking to enhance their sustainability initiatives can rely on DrizzleX for comprehensive water management solutions. Our technology helps companies track and manage water usage across their facilities, leading to improved resource efficiency and cost savings.



Building and construction firms can benefit from integrating DrizzleX's submetering systems into their projects. By offering sustainable water management solutions, builders can differentiate their offerings and add value to their projects.



DrizzleX partners with cities that want to incentivize residents and business to reduce water usage.  Our submetering technology enables users to monitor and reduce water consumption, while collecting water usage data that cities can use to track the effectiveness of city rebates and other incentive programs.

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