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  • How much can I expect to save with DrizzleX?
    About two-thirds of our clients save 20-40% on property water (and sewer) bills by using DrizzleX. Some clients save even more. , In addition, using less water means you also save energy on hot water. And of course, you don’t waste money on plumbers spending hours trying to find leaks.
  • Does DrizzleX work in large properties?
    Yes! DrizzleX works for properties of any size and any layout from high rises to garden apartments with multiple buildings.
  • I’m using RUBS, why should I switch to DrizzleX?
    RUBS is considered to be an unsophisticated water billing method, and is unfair to your tenants. Using a formula that isn't based on actual usage can both put unwarranted financial strain on tenants, and cause conflict with tenants. RUBS is slowly becoming outlawed in certain places Many landlords have caps on what they can charge to tenants and end up still needing to pay for water waste in the system anyways. Tenants may refuse to pay for other people's usage or undetected leaks, causing the owner to cover the difference eventually. Here is a full comparison of DrizzleX and RUBS
  • Do you provide a warranty?
    Yes, DrizzleX micrometers (including the battery) have a 10-year warranty..
  • How is DrizzleX different from other smart water meters?
    Most other smart water meters cannot be used to submeter apartment units because there is no unit main on which to install a meter for each unit. The “riser” plumbing in many buildings provides water to each unit from multiple locations, making it impossible to submeter individual units with conventional smart meters. However, DrizzleX’s revolutionary micrometers easily install on every fixture in an apartment, so the building plumbing configuration does not matter. With DrizzleX, every drop of water flowing through every fixture is metered.
  • How many DrizzleX cloud gateways will a property need?
    The DrizzleX cloud gateway is a device that allows our micrometers to communicate with the cloud. Each gateway has its own SIM card and communicates with the cloud directly over the cellular network. In most cases, one gateway for every 50 apartment units is sufficient.
  • Do I need to hire a plumber to install DrizzleX?
    No. Anyone can install DrizzleX with a few simple tools. It takes about 15 minutes to install DrizzleX in a standard one-bathroom apartment.
  • Will I have to shut off the building's water supply during installation?
    Typically, there is no need to shut off the building's water supply during installation. DrizzleX micrometers usually can be installed by simply turning off the fixture itself or closing the angle stop for each fixture.
  • Does DrizzleX need WiFi to work?
    No. DrizzleX micrometers connect to the cloud gateway on a dedicated long-range (“LoRa”) radio frequency. No WiFi, cellular, or other network infrastructure is needed.
  • What is the best place to install the DrizzleX cloud gateway?
    The DrizzleX cloud gateway should be installed in a central location near an electric outlet. Common locations are a maintenance closet, boiler room, or the property management office.
  • Can DrizzleX be installed on outdoor equipment?
    Yes, DrizzleX can be installed on outdoor fixtures, such as swimming pools, irrigation systems, hose bibs,drinking fountains, and just about any other point of water use.
  • Can DrizzleX be installed in common areas?
    Yes, DrizzleX can be installed in common area such as laundry rooms, hot water boilers, and other fixtures anywhere on your property.
  • Do you provide installation services?
    DrizzleX is easy for anyone to install with a few simple tools. DrizzleX has instructional training videos and live support to help you with installation. We also can recommend third-party installers who are familiar with DrizzleX. Contact us at to discuss your specific needs.
  • How much water should my building be using?
    Ideally, your usage should be around 31 gallons per person per day, or about 125 gallons for an average family of four. DrizzleX has enabled our customers to achieve this level of water usage. In the United States, the average family uses about 300 gallons per day. DrizzleX can drastically reduce this number.
  • Can DrizzleX alert me if a tenant changed a low-flow showerhead to an illegal powerful head?
    Yes. Legal shower-heads use 2 gallons per minute, whereas illegal showerheads use 3-5 times more. The DrizzleX system will automatically alert you to such overuse.
  • Do you have an app for tenants?
    We do not currently offer an app for tenants. However, we will be developing a tenant app so that tenants can view and manage their water consumption.
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