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DrizzleX water metering on a kitchen sink

Our smart IoT-based micrometers are cost-effective and easy to use

How it Works?

DrizzleX's innovative micrometers are easily installed on every water fixture in each apartment, as well as on fixtures in common areas, such as laundry rooms, hose bibs, and sprinkler systems.


These micrometers accurately measure the water flow of each fixture and send the data to the DrizzleX cloud gateway on a dedicated frequency. Once you have installed DrizzleX, real-time water flow data for each fixture in your building will appear on your DrizzleX dashboard, and you will begin receiving live alerts for any leaks or overuse.

Every Fixture

Our micrometers have different form factors for different fixtures. For example, our unique bathtub micrometer fits inside a standard bathtub spout. Once it’s installed, you can’t even see it!  We also have micrometers for showers, sinks, toilets, washing machines, hose bibs, and more

Micrometer batteries last up to 10 years with DrizzleX’s patent pending technology. The cloud gateway must be plugged in, but can be located almost anywhere on the property, indoors or outdoors. Most properties need just one cloud gateway.

No Maintenance 

Easy to Install

Installing DrizzleX is quick and easy.

Seven micrometers are installed in a typical apartment – kitchen and bathroom sink (hot and cold), shower, bathtub, and toilet.


Installation of an apartment takes only about 15 minutes. Best of all, there’s no plumbing work – no pipes to cut, no walls to open.

DrizzleX communication layout

Data on every drop

Create billings, communicate overuse to tenants, and perform maintenance whenever necessary with immediate access to data.

At each point of use, micrometers measure the amount of water used and notify you when there is a leak or overuse of water.

Every micrometer in the building transmits water usage data to a central hub on a continuous basis.

Leverage consumption data to conserve water 

Many people may be unaware of how much water they use or the importance of water conservation. Lack of education or information about water-saving practices can lead to excessive water usage.


The DrizzleX system lets you communicate water consumption data to your tenants.

a man in the shower washing is head
the shower has been running for 1 hour, 9 minutes and 21 seconds and wasted 102.55 gallons
Water micrometer for sinks
water micrometer installation
washing machine water micrometer
toilet leak detector and water micrometer

DrizzleX dashboard provides valuable data about your properties' water usage. 

Drizzlex dashboard inside a computer display shows consumption by the apartment

Your entire portfolio's water consumption in a single place

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