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How Property Owners Can Save Through Submetering

Updated: Jul 2

Property owners are always on the lookout for effective and efficient ways to manage their expenses while maintaining the quality of their properties. One trending approach is submetering.

In this article, we'll discuss how landlords can save through submetering. It not only reduces utility bills but also promotes sustainable water use, contributing to environmental preservation.

What is Submetering? Why Should Property Owners Use It?

You're a property owner with multiple tenants, and each one uses different amounts of utilities. Yet, the traditional billing system doesn't differentiate - it just splits the costs equally. Doesn't sound fair, right? That's where submetering steps in.

This system measures utility usage on an individual basis within a building. So instead of shouldering everyone with equal costs irrespective of their actual consumption levels, property owners can bill tenants accurately based on how much they've used.

Many multifamily buildings are not built to allow water submetering of each and every unit. Due to the plumbing configuration, it was impossible to install a traditional submeter to track water consumption in each apartment. Water submetering is now possible for every type of building with DrizzleX's revolutionary solution.

How Submetering Reduces Utility Costs

Shift of Utility Payment Responsibility

If your lease terms and local regulations allow, submetering can transfer utility payments directly to tenants, relieving property owners and landlords from the burden of high utility bills resulting from unmonitored usage.

Encourages Judicious Use of Utilities

As tenants become conscious of their individual consumption through submetering, they tend to use water more responsibly. This awareness often leads to a reduction in overall utility usage, thereby lowering costs. It has been found that behavioral changes begin immediately after submeters are installed in a unit.

Identification of Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Submetering enables property owners to monitor and analyze usage patterns across their properties. This insight allows them to find potential areas for energy efficiency improvements.

Investment in Energy-Saving Upgrades

Putting money into energy-efficient upgrades, backed by the info from submetering, can be a smart move. It's not just about being green or trendy. This kind of investment can really pay off in the long run.

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What Type of Properties Can Be Submetered

Submetering is versatile and can be applied to various types of properties. These include the following:

Apartment Complexes

Submetering in apartment complexes allows for the individual measurement of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and heating/cooling for each unit. This system ensures that each tenant is responsible for their own consumption, which can lead to more mindful usage and potentially lower overall utility costs for the complex.


Like apartment complexes, condominiums benefit from submetering by enabling individual unit owners to pay for their utility usage directly. This approach not only encourages the conservation of resources among residents but also ensures fairness in utility billing, as each owner pays according to their actual consumption.

Mixed-Use Developments

Properties that combine residential and commercial spaces, such as those with retail areas on the ground floor and apartments above, also benefit from submetering. It allows for accurate and fair allocation of utility costs between the different types of spaces, so that each tenant, whether residential or commercial, is billed according to their specific utility usage.

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Benefits of Using a Submeter for Apartments

The benefits of using a submeter are not just about cost savings. Submetering also promotes transparency in billing, as tenants are charged based on their actual consumption. This fairness in billing can improve landlord-tenant relationships.

Moreover, having a submetering system encourages water conservation. When tenants know they have to pay for what they actually use, they are more likely to adopt efficient practices, reducing the overall use of natural resources on the property.

How DrizzleX Can Help Property Owners Save Water

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DrizzleX allows you to detect hidden leaks, such as running toilets and leaky faucets, to stop millions of gallons of waste each year. It also alerts you to excessive water use by tenants. Typically, buildings that use DrizzleX reduce their water bills by 25-45% or more. And you can expect a pretty quick return on investment (ROI). Buildings with DrizzleX save enough water to cover the entire cost of DrizzleX within about 9 months on average.

  • Did you know that in a building with 16 units housing 48 tenants, the introduction of DrizzleX led to a remarkable 61%reduction in average daily water usage, resulting in yearly savings of $9,673?

Usage Reports

One of DrizzleX's solutions is the “Tenant’s Overuse” report. Since many people aren't really aware of their excessive water usage, an accurate report can be very helpful in preventing unnecessary expenses. Using the reports, you can communicate with your tenants about their water consumption habits, and back it up with precise data too.

Leak Detection

Leaks can be sneaky because they aren't always visible. With property inspection, you can see the obvious ones. But, silent leaks will only show up on your utility bills. DrizzleX gives you water control because you can monitor the water flow in your building.

The system will notify you about where and how much water is being lost.

E-mail Notifications

Once DrizzleX spots the leak, it will notify you via email. The message you receive will include all the details about the exact apartment and fixture that is the culprit, how many gallons were used, how much it will cost you if the problem isn’t fixed, and even possible causes for the water waste and how to fix it.


DrizzleX also allows you to bill your tenants. Tenants conserve water when they are the ones paying for it. You can easily create water bills based on accurate water consumption and bill them fairly.


Overall, submetering presents a great opportunity for property owners and landlords to optimize their utility management by allowing precise tracking of individual utility usage.

They can use the gathered data to identify and implement energy-saving upgrades, which further enhance the sustainability of their properties.

Lastly, the fairness in billing brought about by submetering improves landlord-tenant relationships and contributes significantly to environmental conservation efforts.

FAQs About Submetering

How can property owners save money on water bills with submetering?

By installing a water submetering system, property owners can accurately measure each unit's exact usage. 

Can property managers gain more control over utility costs with a submetering system?

Yes, property managers gain significantly more control over utility costs with a submetering system. It provides them with detailed insights into each tenant's utility usage, enabling them to manage utility expenses more effectively and make cost-saving adjustments.

Why is submetering a powerful tool for energy consumption management in multi-unit buildings?

Submetering is a powerful tool for managing energy consumption in multi-unit buildings because it allows for keeping track of each unit's energy usage separately.



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Take control of your water usage and save money with our submetering system.

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