The Founders of Drizzlex

Together they have decades of experience in entrepreneurship, property management, up to date app programming , project management of large computer systems and product design in the medical and  IOT environment.

Michael founded a biotech company supplying labs with advanced sensors.

Esther, a software engineer, developed and managed large and sophisticated computer systems in the HMO environment


Ariel, a product designer, fullstack app developer and a technology geek, built web sites and designed new solutions to medical apparatus. Ariel designed and tested and implemented the Drizzlex propriety sensor and the dedicated app.

Michael and Esther invested, managed and performed successful exits in the residential multifamily market of Western US. They purchased properties with and for investors, improved them and successfully sold for 5 to 6 times the original price, for a profit of well over 10 times the original investments.

Meet the Team


Esther Altura

Co Founder & CEO

I Managed development and successful implementation of major computer systems while in charge of large staff and budget


Ariel Altura

Founder & CTO

I employed subcontractors from around the world to build DrizzleX sensors gen 1 &2 based on my design, along with dedicated app. I am testing DrizzleX platform in my home with great results


Michael Altura

Co Founder & CMO

I co founded a biotech company and served in product design, marketing and manufacturing. Together with Esther I have decades of hands on RE experience in LA and Vegas, investing in MF properties, managing and improving assets and successfully closing exits